• What does alkalizing your body mean and how do I achieve this?

    Cold Press Juice develops custom juice programs to help alkalize the body. These juices include ingredients that have high alkaline pH levels, so the more vegetables you drink, the more alkaline your blood will become. It is important to alkalize your body because most of our diets include processed foods, sugar and animal products that have high levels of acidity, which create a prime environment for diseases to thrive.

  • Can I lose weight on the juice cleanse?

    You may experience weight loss while completing the juice cleanse. This is because you are detoxifying your body and giving your liver a break, so it can burn more fat.

  • Why should I do a juice cleanse?

    Juice fasting gives your whole body a rest, especially the digestive system. By eliminating the fiber from your diet, the digestive system speeds up the growth of new cells that promote healing in the body. This makes you more clear-minded and energized and it may help in fighting certain illnesses.

  • Why does The Cold Press Juice Co. use organic products?

    We want our products to be better for you and the environment. By supporting organic, locally-grown produce, we do our part to minimize the negative impact of pesticides on the environment.

    Studies show that over 98% of sprayed insecticides and 95% of herbicides are absorbed by things other than their targets, including air, water and soil. Although pesticides can be removed from the surface of the produce, the vital enzymes inside are already damaged. By opting for organic produce you, our customers, get the best quality juice available.

  • Why do I have to remove meat from my diet before the cleanse?

    Although eating meat gives you temporary energy, it is very hard on the body. If it is consumed frequently, it can have negative impacts on the liver. Flesh is very hard to digest and it actually ages you due to the amount of energy needed to break it down. It is important to eliminate meat from your diet before the cleanse so your system doesn’t go into shock.

  • How long should I do my cleanse for?

    There is no specific timeframe for completing a cleanse. But the longer you do a cleanse, the better the results you will have. For instance, in most cases toxins won’t leave the liver until the 3rd or 4th day. You need to do what suits your lifestyle best and choose a program and timeframe that will work well for you.

  • What are tinctures?

    Our Juice Cleanse Program contains tinctures. Tinctures are liquid medicine made from herbs that contain healing power and remarkable therapeutic benefits.