Dr Cara Flamer – Family Physician

I am the medical director of the Centre for Proactive Medicine, specializing in proactive aging medicine and hormone restoration. I recommend to ALL of my patients to drink cold-pressed juices regularly because of the many beneficial effects on cellular health and detoxification. Juicing is an essential part of health maintenance and can improve a variety of symptoms. I am very happy that we have Jus de Vie in Toronto!

Dr. Cara Flamer is a Family Physician who specializes in hormone optimization using natural hormones. After graduating from Queen’s University Medical School, Dr. Flamer moved to Toronto to complete her training in Family Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital through the University of Toronto. During her residency, she began to develop her strong passion for Integrative Medicine, a field of medicine which integrates many streams of healing modalities. She began studying an ancient form of spirituality and cultivated her understanding of the role of consciousness and thoughts in health. To strengthen her knowledge in these areas she took courses and worked with various practitioners, which helped her achieve a more evolved version of herself, ready to help the world in a new way. She began extensive training in natural hormone replacement for women with well-known pioneer in the field of natural hormone replacement, Dr. Alvin Pettle.

On a personal note, Dr. Flamer’s primary passion is to empower people to awaken their own inner healer. Her understanding of the various levels of healing- physical, emotional, and energetic- enable her to blend western medicine with various complementary modalities, including energy medicine, naturopathic medicine and mind-body connection. She is guided by her belief that we are all able to create healing in our lives, once given the appropriate dose of inspiration, motivation, knowledge, and tools for change. Her belief is to support the body through its journey in life through all means available. These include: supplementation, medications as necessary, hormone replacement, exercise and nutrition programs, and energetic techniques. for right now… office info: 208 St Clair Ave west, toronto on M4V 1R2. tel 647 726 4465. is our email.