Debra Wain – Colon Therapist

As a Certified Colon Therapist, I have spent the last 30 years in the field of Colon Therapy, I’m a big believer in CPJ cleanse program and recommend them to most of my clients.

Having gained my certification at the Toronto School of Colon Therapy, I began my career at the Natural Health Institute; one of the first Holistic Healing Centres in Toronto Canada while continuing my studies in Colon Therapy, Detoxification and cleansing programs.

It was during this time that I became a devout Student of Carola Barczak, a pioneer in the field of Nutrition, which elevated my knowledge of the relationship between the digestive system and a healthy colon. I then began to facilitate cleansing programs at the Natural Health Institute retreat in Orillia with Dr. Jeff Levin, a world renowned expert in the field of Spiritual Energy and Healing Techniques.

Under the mentorship of Jeff Levin, I gained my certification in the Body Alignment Technique which channels ones energy into the healing of both mind and body.

I then continued my education by gaining certification in Iridology and live blood cell analysis.

Research and upgrading my knowledge has been an integral part of the success I have enjoyed while brining my clientele back to a state of vibrant health and over the years I feel the relevance of all of the modalities in which I have trained, all share a relevance in the field of personal and spiritual health.

Over the years I have often been called upon for radio and television appearances as well as having articles published in Saturday Night Magazine and the Financial post about my experience and knowledge of Colon Therapy.

I now work as a freelance consultant in the field of Colon Therapy, Nutrition and Detoxification Cleansing. I am also honoured to be on the Advisory board for the International Federation of Neurotherapy representing Canada.

For further information, private consultation or public speaking engagements, I can be reached during regular business hours @ 416 536 9813 or email;